The clear, icy waters of the Northern Pacific give Alaskan Sockeye Salmon its superior flavor and gorgeous color. The name “sockeye” has little to do with the fish’s eyes, but rather comes from its Native American name, “suk-kegh,” which means “red fish.”

Our Alaskan Sockeye Salmon is wild-caught, sustainably sourced and has earned a “Best Choice” rating from Seafood Watch.


This exceptionally tasty, mild fish is an American favorite. Its tender fillets complement a variety of flavors, making Catfish one of the most versatile fish available on the market.  Catfish species can be found the world over, living in both fresh water and oceans alike.

Our American Catfish is sustainably raised in fresh water on a diet free of antibiotics and hormones and has earned a “Best Choice” rating from Seafood Watch.


Though most Pacific Cod are caught in the icy waters of the Bering Sea and Gulf of Alaska, the fish inhabit a large stretch of the Western North American seaboard. For centuries, cod fisheries have been an important part of local economies and cultures all along the coast. Flakier and leaner than its Atlantic counterparts, Pacific Cod is well suited for everything from searing to delicate preparations like steaming.

Our Pacific Cod is wild-caught, sustainably sourced and has earned a “Best Choice” rating from Seafood Watch.


A premium variety of sea bass, Barramundi calls the waters of the Western Pacific home. It's beloved by chefs the world over, who prize its sweet, buttery flavor and delicately flaky texture. Its hearty fillets are perfect for any number of preparations—from baking to grilling to searing and more.

Our Barramundi is raised in open ocean water for minimal environmental impact, which is why it’s rated “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch, a nonprofit recognized globally for its commitment to ocean conservation and education.


These domestically caught shrimp thrive in the salt marshes and estuaries of the Gulf of Mexico. There, they feed on nutrient-rich kelp forests, which give them their mild, briny sweetness. Because of their firm texture, Wild Gulf Shrimp are delicious in any number of classic preparations.

Our American Shrimp is wild-caught in the Gulf of Mexico.  It is fished sustainably using the otter trawl method, earning it the Good Alternative rating by Seafood Watch.